New PhD Seminar in CIO-ICIEOM-IIIE

PhD Seminars are an opportunity for students engaged in the process of finalizing their doctoral thesis to present and discuss their progress and goals with senior researchers, receiving constructive feedback from the scientific community. In the next CIO-ICIEOM-IIIE 2014 we will have a special session dedicated to this type of seminar , in which doctoral students will present the work they have performed to date, the results and the way forward to the defense of the thesis.

Doctoral students wishing to participate in this session must submit their papers in the same way as any other conference assistant, although they must comply with certain requirements:

  • The paper must have a single author, who will be the PhD, or a maximum of two authors, if it also includes his thesis Director. In any case, it should be the PhD the person that present the paper.
  • The PhD thesis which refers the paper may not have been defended before.
  • Papers must address relevant issues in Congress, that is, belonging to the field of Industrial Engineering.


The structure of these papers and presentations must be clearly defined, showing the following:

  • Statement of the Problem.
  • Research Hypothesis.
  • Proposed Solutions.
  • Expected contributions of the thesis.


The Conference will assign an expert researcher to each of these papers, which will be in charge of providing the doctoral Reviews on the progress of their research. Presentations of papers should be short, around 15 minutes, making way for further discussion, and in addition to a general discussion at the end of the session, including the formulation of conclusions on issues of current and future research related. Participants in these sessions, both doctoral researchers and experts, will receive a certificate of participation, and also the Young Investigator Award of the Conference will come out of the papers presented at the PhD Seminar.

Publication of these papers will follow the same path as the rest of the Conference, they could be selected for publication in the book edited by Springer or in a magazine associated.